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This program is ideal for all of you who want to get clarity about their careers and career directions. Maybe you are in parental leave, not knowing whether to go back to your pre-baby job or maybe you have lived abroad as an expat partner for a while and want to own your career again? Are the kids out of house and you want to realize your own professional vision? Or have you been in a leading position for a while and don't know what your next step is? 

Well, if you can answer just 1 of these questions above with a "YES", then you are right with this program. Together we will be working on bringing clarity back in your life. As your coach I will support you in assessing your current situation, reflecting on your values, reducing inner conflicts and develop goals and visions. We don't stop there: you will go out of this program with a clear understanding about your next steps, strong and empowered and motivated. 


  • 1 x pre-consultation conversation 

  • 6 x 60-minute sessions, via skype, phone or face to face if suitable

  • Homework sessions

  • partner work included if you want - no musts here 

  • Unlimited email support for the 6 months to uncover more strategies or overcome any barriers.

  • Worksheets and/or activities to continually motivate and inspire you. (It is recommended that clients invest 4-6 hours per month of their own time into these activities)




  • Flexibility: some sessions can be done via video tutorial eg. if your kids are constantly sick and you cannot commit to any appointments. 

  • Inclusion of your partner: your partner needs to be involved at certain point in order to make you wishes come true. 

  • Video material 

  • Availability of your recorded coachings 

  • Coaching notes