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“It can be a really long way to go if you don't know where you're going and why.  


I have had the vision of starting my own business with Mood Walls for a long time. It was only through the advice of Anja that I found my purpose, my why, as the driving force behind the company idea. Thanks to the coaching with Anja, I was able to gain clarity and structure. Your targeted questions and empathy helped pave the way for me.  


I wholeheartedly recommend Anja Tulpa-Posch as a coach. "  Karen Suarez, founder of "Mood Walls"  



"Great support for professional reorientation.  

  Ms. Tulpa-Posch knows how to motivate people to deal with their goals in a sympathetic and humorous way. Highly Recommended!"  Claudia Constantin, owner of Via Vespa, Barcelona



“Looking for my calling.  


Ms. Tulpa-Posch gave me great support in individual coaching in the search for my vocation as well as in my entrepreneurial development.  


Excellent individual support, great commitment, friendly, appreciative, effective. Highly Recommended." Marcos, entrepreneur


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