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In many companies, after 1.5 years of pandemic, there is a desire for reducing home office time and bringing people back to the company. Now people have experienced a quite challenging time in which there was little personal contact for most of us. Coming back, working together not only virtually, but also personally, can be a real challenge for teams, especially in an intercultural and international environment. For this reason I offer "Back to the Office" team coaching.  


The goals of team training are:  

      -  Understand personality - The team members understand what personality is, what building blocks (character, motives, competencies) it is composed of, how diverse people's personalities are fundamentally (profile-based / dimensional approach) and that individual behavior, thinking, Feelings, expectations of others etc. arise.

      -  Recognize personalities in the team - The team members recognize that each team member has a different personality, gain an understanding of the different behavior of other team members and uncover similarities and differences in the personality profiles of the team members.

      -  Appreciating personalities in the team - The team members gain or strengthen a resource-oriented view of the diversity of personalities in the team by understanding that there is no better or worse when it comes to personalities, but that each personality profile has its own individual strengths.

      -  Using personalities in the team - The team members develop strategies how they can jointly benefit from the variety of personal behavioral styles, motives and competencies in the team and use their knowledge of the individual personality of the team members for their cooperation in the team.

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