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Farewell feelings in change processes....

Aktualisiert: 1. Sept. 2021

Imagine: for months, sometimes years, you've considered resigning. Should you or shouldn't you? Then at some point in your life - for whatever reason - you make the decision to leave and feel great joy, maybe also relief. You finally did it. You communicate the decision to your network, of course also within the company.

And then the time has come - only a few more weeks / days until day X and suddenly you question your own decision, you feel a heaviness in yourself. Even though that was the moment you've been waiting for so long. The anticipation for the new is gone and you wonder what will happen next. Didn't you make the right decision?

What exactly is happening to us here? A process of saying goodbye to the "old" life .... we sense and feel a change in ourselves. It's a natural process that happens in order to bring something new into our life. We let go of the old. We break away from it. Some of us find this process easier, others find it more difficult.

We live in a world in which we are constantly trying to optimize ourselves. Many of us are searching for ourselves, seeking fulfillment. I have the feeling that many people are constantly on the lookout for happiness, always want to be positive and that only little space is given to these feelings of sadness and heaviness. But there is room for everything - for all the feelings in life that we feel. And yes, this farewell sometimes takes a little longer, sometimes it goes faster. Individually - like life itself.

One of my favorite mindfulness practices that I recommend to many of my clients is the 3 minutes breathing space exercise that I learned in my course at the Mindfulness Center at the University of Oxford. This exercise helps to perceive my feelings, to feel them in the body and to give space to all feelings that are there. And when I have been able to do this, I concentrate on breathing again. And then try to take the openness and breadth of breathing back into everyday life. Give it a try - you can find the instructions here - and let me know how you liked it.

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