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Find your Purpose!

Why do you do what you do for a living?

I'll tell you something about myself: In my private life I know what I want.

Professionally? It wasn't always like that. About 10 years ago I quit everything and moved to Barcelona to build a life with my husband. From 0 to 100 privately, but from 100 to 0 professionally. That put a damper on my fairly constant résumé. Because: I couldn't find a job there - the financial crisis hit Spain hard, the highest number of unemployed for a long time.

So after 6 months of unsuccessful job search, a friend convinced me to become trained as a language teacher. After 1 month of intensive training, I was hired by a language school and drove to companies to teach their employees Business English.

That was not my dream job, nor was it one of my goals, but it fulfilled something: I was not unemployed, I was also able to make a contribution to our lives, thus taking on responsibility and I was more independent. All of this corresponds to my values ​​and how I want to live my life.

However, this experience in Spain triggered that I started to deal with my professional WHY and thus further with my professional goals. The birth of our 1st child only intensified these thoughts and questions. So I started a yoga teacher training course back then and met wonderful yoga teachers there, but it wasn't what I had really wanted. I would probably have found out more quickly if I had hired a coach. But back then coaches were still very elite - more for executives and top managers than it is today. So that thought never crossed my mind.

In the following years I wrote a sustainability blog, tried to set up a marketing department for a faculty, worked in a marketing position in a medium-sized company and then?

Then our 2nd child was born. And again the question came up during parental leave: What do I do with my professional future? Who am I professionally? What do I enjoy? What makes sense? And again and again the thought: How can I change the world a little bit? or what does the current job mean for me?

It was at this time that I heard from a friend about a coaching training. Suddenly everything made sense: As a coach, I can help other people to find clarity for themselves.

To what extent does my work change the world? My aim is that we humans can drop our masks. That we can live as we are - even in a professional world - without having to pretend. To be able to live authentically. And in the end it doesn't matter whether we are women or men. But people.

If you would like to deal with your professional why or would like to be accompanied in a change, let me know. Feel free to contact us via email to

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