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Yoga & Visions

These wonderful workshops take place with Gisela Wallner from Yoga Nuun in Salzburg. Due to the current situation, not again until spring 2021.


8.30 am opening

09.00 yoga

10.30 Vision boards guidance & implementation

12.00 action plan creation

12.30 meditation


We open our heart-opening sequence with dynamic vinyasas that get the circulation going, the body sweat and the mind quieter.

When the attention is directed more and more from the outside to the inside, we begin with the actual work of the flow: “the heart openers”. Deep stretches, which work out of stability and our strength, can now open the gates to our deep inner being.


When the body is ready, it is also easier for the mind to embark on a journey into the world of one's own visions and desires. With this ease we start with a preparation for the visualization of your dreams and goals. We will first become aware of this, think about how we would like to live our life. Every man for himself. Nothing has to be shared! And when you are ready, you can make these dreams and goals visible on your vision board (also called dream boards / target collages).

And because we want you not only to leave this workshop with the vision boards, but also to go into implementation, we will still use the remaining time and we will discuss how you can then create an action plan with your next steps in order to address the Achieve goals. Finally, to manifest your visions, there is a guided meditation by Gisela.

Participation in the workshop costs 85 EUR plus 12 EUR material costs.

If you feel like taking part, don't think twice, just get in touch at or Unfortunately we only have space for a maximum of 10 participants. Let's go, we look forward to seeing you!

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